Panoptic Security

Panoptic Security is a technology security company that specializes in PCI compliance programs for small and mid-size merchants, ISOs, Acquiring Banks and credit card processors. Our executive team includes some of the security industry's leading technologists and PCI compliance experts.

Our ExpertPCI online web application enables merchants to assess their PCI compliance and take steps to ensure they can mitigate data breaches and securely handle credit card transactions.

Using our product merchants can quickly determine the right PCI Self Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ) appropriate for their business and generate all the completed documentation they need. That documentation includes: completed SAQ, PCI compliance validation and reporting, a custom remediation plan and a custom security policy.

Merchants can access the ExpertPCI application on an ongoing basis to update their SAQ, compliance report, remediation plan and security policy. This makes it possible for merchants to quickly and easily find out if they are PCI compliant, do what is necessary to become PCI compliant and monitor their PCI compliance as their business evolves.

In the event of a data breach, we can supply merchants with an Incident Response Plan and provide assistance to help minimize the potential business impact and get them back to supporting their customers as quickly as possible.

Our customers, such as ISOs, Acquiring Banks and credit card processors work directly with Panoptic Security to ensure all of their merchants have the best online solution available to assess each merchant's PCI compliance condition. We offer simple and easy to implement packages for our customers so they can quickly and efficiently assist their merchants with PCI compliance.

We are confident our unique and aggressive programs will provide our customer with the right merchant PCI solution and the ability to implement a PCI compliance program in a way that makes good business sense for everyone involved.

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