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PCI Compliance

PCI compliance is designed to help you protect your customer's credit card information. Merchants who fail to secure sensitive card data are more likely to suffer a breach of this data. Breaches can occur anytime credit card information is taken from your business. This can take the form a network hack, a physical device reading card numbers at your business, or even employee misconduct that results in lost data. By not being PCI compliant, your business is at greater risk to have credit card information compromised.

What happens if someone steals my credit card data?

Many merchants are unaware of the bad outcomes attached to a data breach. While statistically rare, a breach can be catastrophic for a small business. If you are breached you may:

  • Be fined by the major card brands ($50 K fines are not uncommon)
  • Have to pay for a professional audit, and to fix the problems at your business that lead to a breach ('remediation')
  • Pay the cost of reissuing new credit card numbers, and other damages
  • Be denied a merchant account and lose the ability to take credit cards

A breach almost always results in the death of a small business!

What should I do to achieve compliance?

Just like doing your taxes, merchants need to complete the PCI compliance process once a year.

Merchants are required to execute:

  • The 'SAQ' - merchants need to fill out the PCI Self-Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ), which analyzes your security practices
  • A Network Vulnerability Scan - some merchants also need to execute an automated network vulnerability scan which tests the strength of your network

Using software as a guide...

The SAQ and scan process can be very confusing. For many merchants, this process involves terms they do not understand, complex questions covering networks, firewalls, ports, and subjects better fit for an IT professional. Our software is designed to guide you through the entire PCI compliance process.

Simplify, Shorten, and Guide

Our guiding principles are: Simplify the PCI process, use all available data to Shorten the task, and Guide the merchant along the path of least resistance.

Why should merchants finish the PCI compliance process?

  • Make your business more secure, lower risk of a data breach
  • Avoid non-compliance fees (check your statement from your merchant services provider. Are you being charged a non-compliance fee?)
  • Identify and fix flaws in internal security protocols surrounding credit card data
  • Find and fix vulnerabilities in your network

Why use Panoptic?

  • Fastest & easiest SAQ in the industry, simplified for merchants (See SAQ Process for details.) On average our SAQ process is 50% faster than any other solution
  • System automatically suggest answers to many SAQ questions, saving merchants time
  • Simple scan process (when necessary)
  • In depth help materials (SAQ question specific help & explanation of terms)
  • Live chat available to users
  • Most painless way to finish an otherwise annoying task and get back to running your business!

Get Started

$149.00 -- ExpertPCI
What do you get? What does it do?
ExpertPCI account for one full year Guides you through the SAQ
Access to Panoptic's intelligent SAQ process Takes half the time of other services
Network Vulnerability Scanning (when necessary)
  • Up to 5 IP addresses
  • Unlimited scans for those IPs
Provides PCI-approved scans as often as you like
Remediation Plan Tells you what you need to fix to achieve compliance
Certificate of Compliance Attests to your compliance
Custom Security Documents
  • Security Policy
  • Incidence Response Plan
Includes only information pertinent to your business
  • Provides guidelines for your employees on how to keep your business secure
  • Explains what to do if a breach occurs
Chat Support Allows you to contact a PCI expert during the compliance process