Our Team

Matthew Hoffman, CEO

Mr. Hoffman is a serial software execute who got his start in the Bay Area. He has held management roles in a number of software startups and spent a short stint working in Venture Capital. He has held operational roles, headed sales organizations, and raised capital at a number of companies. In his last role, he helped fuel the rapid growth of Experticity in Salt Lake City, UT. Matt also spends time helping young entrepreneurs at a not-for profit start-up incubator called The Foundry.

Dr Tim Cranny, CTO

Tim is a global leader in the information security space, having played key strategic and technical roles in a variety of high-tech startups. He has worked extensively and directly on cutting-edge technology (ranging from cryptographic networks to SaaS solutions built around artificial intelligence engines), but has long experience in embedding technology in its strategic and business context, and positioning his companies to exploit emerging trends in business and technology.

Tim has worked extensively as a communicator and evangelist of security issues, having spoken at dozens of international conferences and written dozens of whitepapers and journal articles.

Education: Bachelor's Degree with First Class Honors (mathematics and physics), a University Medal, and a PhD in pure mathematics.

Michael Wright (CISSP, CSSLP), Chief Architect

Michael Wright has been active in computer software development since 1987. He is expert in networking and network security and has a number of patents credited to his name. His expertise covers the following:

  • Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard Compliance
  • Endpoint, Networking and Wireless Security
  • Software Development Processes
  • Driver Development
  • Network Standards Development (IEEE 802.1)
  • Co-inventor of five patents dealing with secure software development and network security

  • At Panoptic Security, Mickey leads the development efforts for Panoptic's PCI compliance software products. At Senforce, he was the architecture and responsible for the development of the network and wireless drivers that provided the network and wireless security. Prior to Senforce, Michael developed device drivers for various hardware and software platforms for Vinca, 3Com/US Robotics, Racore and Unisys. Michael has participated in IEEE 802.1 network standards development since 1993.

    Peter Boucher (QSA), Chief Security Architect

    Peter K. Boucher has been active in computer security research and development since 1986. He is expert in several areas of computer system (software and hardware) security development and deployment:

  • Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard Compliance
  • Integration of Expert Systems with Security Policy Modeling
  • Endpoint, Networking and Wireless Security
  • Applied Cryptography
  • Evaluation (certification/accreditation) of Trusted Systems

  • At Panoptic Security, Peter leads the effort to interpret security standards and encode them into Panoptic's expert system compliance engine. At Senforce, he was the security architecture team lead, the development lead for Senforce's intelligent network access control product (iNAC), participated in the TCG, was the patent coordinator, and was the engineering lead for the EAL 4+ evaluation of the Senforce Endpoint Security Suite Version 3.1.175. At Novell, he developed software for several cryptography-enabled products, as well as acting as the Engineering Security Expert (Novell's liaison to the National Security Agency). At SRI International, he conducted several computer security research projects for government customers. At Arca Systems, he provided computer security consulting services to government and industry clients. At Gemini Computers, he developed modules of GEMSOS (evaluated A1 TCB).